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Corona-19 Virus and the Coin Toss

By Investigator Robert Jackson, Special Major- MA/ Paralegal PhD Candidate Homeland Security.


“We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you created, that day is here.”  

Chief Arvol Looking Horse.  Su Nation   


     This article will present some clues and evidences collected to date. Due to the timing of major economic and political decisions impacting hundreds of thousands of lives, I call on readers to help with additional citations and fact checking to refine and complete this draft article. 


     Some recommendations will be shared below to illuminate a reasonable path forward and provide options to decision makers.  The most important point of the article is not to over-react to this flu.  Just like 911 when two buildings fell that sparked an endless war, we are rushing against an invisible and likely internal enemy- ourselves.  The solution requires us to unite not in panic to take unnecessary actions, but with kindness and compassion for the lives lost and to prevent further damages, including those caused by the unintended consequences of responding without clear motives, reliable information and just intentions. 


      Is Covid about scaring the public and rounds of bail outs for the rich, only this time with neutral excuses no one could be blamed for the costs, injuries and deaths? Were those diminished 401ks, benefits programs, stock crashes, and reductions to workforces to reduce the size of government all ways to consolidate wealth? Are we paving a way for mandatory vaccinations owned by guess WHO..., hiding the 5G problems and implementing crowd controls to nullify any resistance. All of this in just a few months of an exceptionally bad flu season...?  Let’s not forget those backdoor exemptions to nullify union bargaining rights and your civil or constitutional rights for those that actually still have any?  Did I miss anything?  Over simplified….coincidental- maybe.  Is Covid 19 a biological weapon targeting weak immune systems to reduce populations? Is it the result of an effort to control expanding global population and lighten health costs over time reducing carbon footprint and resolving water and food crises pending?

     However tempting it may be to consider whether the current conditions on the ground relating to COVID 19 could be entirely or even partially planned as a convenient cover for an economy that was showing signs of collapse, or how “the virus” perfectly masks the parades to follow including opportunists and panic induced fringe trying to sell us truth, in the end, were left digging for forensic facts to piece together what is happening and how we can best respond. 


     In early March 2020 major reports of Corona Virus entering the US began to emerge, but Chinese Officials allege the U.S. had performed autopsies as early as March 11, 2020, to identify victims suggesting these were casualties from U.S. designed germ warfare. In turn the U.S. intelligence community is reported to have argued it has evidence China covered up the leak from a lab in Wuhan China by fabricating a fantastic tail of wild game and transmission due to irresponsible eating habits. This he said she said scenario lends credibility that the situation at hand could be the result of psychological operations, or again it could be nonsense related to opportunistic criminals. Either way it’s a dead end that wrecks of centuries old warfare.   

     Controversy surrounding the dismantling of former President Obama’s emergency health response team task forces are among one of many criticisms concerning how leadership has responded to the perceived crisis. In fact, some criticism runs in deep contrast to the popular narrative. Some of the criticism circulating is coming from external intelligence communities trying to disrupt upcoming elections and disrupt the economic activity of the USA.  The goal of those increasing misinformation campaigns contain old war strategies- to dismantle or weaken opponents, in this case the US, by turning citizens against one another (authors note this passage was written weeks before the BLM protests even began). Security experts report increased funding is helping such campaigns effectively reach US audiences through online media like facebook.  In fact, the recent developments of Black Lives Matters protests and subsequent reported waives of Covid, unfortunately warrant further investigations to learn if this is more than just coincidental.     


     Serious accusations about money grabs related to vaccine development and denial of already available drugs for treatment (https://www.newsweek.com/cuba-drug-fight-coronavirus-us-sanctions-1493872) have been sources of immense frustration and verifies many of the damages suffered by the citizens of the world could have and still can be avoided. The flood of opportunistic crime and misinformation has added to the panic ongoing and derailed many useful strategies to address prevention and treatment strategies.  Therefore, our attention must be redirected towards the reduction of deaths and complications from resorting to incorrect diagnosis and irregular treatment protocols across the US.  

     Furthermore, the rise of militia activity and hate crimes and the abuse of authority across the nation has led many to speak out. The concern for eroding civil liberties and medical privacy in the name of safety has reinvigorated debates over assumed rights.  https://www.rt.com/op-ed/483758-coronavirus-constitutional-rights-government/   also see https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonchandler/2020/03/23/coronavirus-could-infect-privacy-and-civil-liberties-forever/ .  Earlier articles related to 911 and privacy violations of the U.S. public are widely available that collaborates how hostile authoritarianism continues to grossly and illegally attack civil liberties. 

     One early opinion encountered comes from a controversial yet award winning author, Dr. Vernon, who observed miscalculations of the corona virus with noteworthy ideas concerning motivations driving some decisions on responses to Covid 19.  Particularly ideas around the denial of medical services to the elderly.   Damages to those trying to access life-saving drugs during this period have been reported in the U.S. and are likely to have occurred elsewhere.   

     As of May 13, 2020, the World O Meter (www.worldometers.info/coronavirus) reports 4,429,744 known Coronavirus cases and 298,174 deaths.  On face value it appears to be .07% (under one percent) global death rate.  Compared to normal flu death rates of estimated .15-.25% in past years (CDC). The difference equates to nearly 3x increased death rate according to the data collected to date.  This, according to many sources is part of the problem.  Before Covid 19, tracking for influenza was scant so a reliable (not poll based) baseline essentially is non-existent. Therefore, our numbers are not dependable or reliable globally.  Without widespread reliable testing and death reporting, it’s impossible to truly know the numbers.  Thus, it is a logical deduction to state if prior infection theory holds true, a much larger population has already been infected and likely already recovered (or died) without being a part of the tally.  However, counting every death that happens to also be complicated by being COVID positive also is unfair, because in many cases it was not COVID that killed them, but their pre-existing conditions.  Furthermore the errors in reporting cause by incentives to track to be eligible for funds likely has contributed to false reporting.


From Center for Disease Control website:

     According to new estimates published, “between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year, higher than a previous estimate of 250,000 to 500,000 and based on a robust, multinational survey” The CDC correction came after an incident of being caught by an external entity that observed the error.   


     In the scientific community the notion of robust and reliable polling are a fiction. At best they are qualitative indicators and not reliable instruments for empirical (meaning valid) data.  If the Corona virus maintains its steep growth spread, if the indicators are accurate, we can extrapolate it could be easily rise due to recurrence. For now, adjusting for tracking errors perhaps three times as deadly could be a more reasonable prediction for how much worse Covid 19 is compared to prior year Flu seasons. 


     A growing consensus in the medical community is that those with pre-existing medical conditions or weak immune system are more vulnerable to experience more extreme symptoms or die of the complication of the virus.  Therefore, since the reporting combines and counts everyone that happens to have the virus at time of death this practice inflates the number of deaths credited to Covid 19 because primary causes are disregarded.  There have been some reports of incentives given to report deaths as corona deaths, rather than listing primary causes (https://nypost.com/2020/04/07/feds-classify-all-coronavirus-patient-deaths-as-covid-19-deaths/?fbclid=IwAR0G8cWsURg2TTBj9R7m1f3L8094ZOAJ1MeNNja_C-8Qxxh3obExP-HytTM ).  In fact, this trend is so common it causes me to estimate the true death rate of Covid 19 alone is likely much smaller than the commonly reported rate, perhaps as much as half.  Because we are still in relatively early stages of Covid 19, it would be premature to dismiss the rate as statistically insignificant, but like any illness the response needs to be proportionate to the threat. Also, the fact the statistics are so unreliable casts doubt and has fueled debates across communities.   


     Investigative journalist Pepe Escobar (Brazil) did a cursory investigate piece on the Covid outbreak which included several components of the matter which contributed to the ongoing investigation here https://consortiumnews.com/2020/03/18/china-locked-in-hybrid-war-with-us/  ).  In his article there were several critical observations; China’s officials blaming Covid as a U.S. led biological attack, event 201.  Leaks of simulation videos being staged to build fear in the public in the USA exposed by citizen reporting such as the case of a hospital in New York which was broadcast on all major network TV stations in the US, errors in the footage revealed it was cited to be in many different countries all suggesting a made up shortage of ventilators was perhaps an opportunistic crime.  Later the medical community was admittedly in disagreement over whether ventilators were even useful treatments or actually contributing to avoidable deaths.      

5G Connection

     Early in this investigation, Scientific community (https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/.../we-have-no.../) citizen and military veterans testimony (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qt5B39LB7c&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0LjzD3Zu6gJHFt7sIIemYEW-18TsIzvkaQCxqZlMgCZ1kY0y0x6oyOq3E) arguing against 5G on Senate floor about the conversion to 5G and presented risks and facts on damages and probable future risks were explored.  Only one California community (Mill Valley) has blocked 5G installation (https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/10/bay-area-city-blocks-5g-deployments-over-cancer-concerns/


     The concern in the articles reviewed drew correlations between symptoms listed for side effects of harmful Radio Frequencies and Covid 19 symptoms.  When rollout dates and cities were contrasted, suspicious correlations between cities and reported spikes in Covid 19 cases were observable. No conclusions are offered, but this detail warrants further investigation.  

     Today, alleged eco-terrorist are destroying the towers and 5G infrastructure, which originally was being denied by U.S. politicians over concerns 5G technology could  possess back door technology that will increase China’s ability to access information in ongoing cyber warfare events.  Yet the rollout of 5G continues despite raised security and health risks.  

     Upon review of the medical research articles on the harmful impacts of Radio Frequencies, it has been concluded the research on animal subjects with a 10x less exposure rate which showed harmful effects, collaborates the congressional testimony given by experts arguing 5G is harmful to humans.  The long-term effects, like those of the earlier generations of telecommunication technology is not fully known, but even the early exposure rates reviewed show evidence of impact such as increased health problems, especially brain cancer.

     Recommendations here include limiting access to technology with known and highly probable increased health risks and require warning labeling to increase consumer protections and added choice.  In addition, protections for residents and involuntary exposure needs to be managed or reduced in all possible ways based concerning where the infrastructure has been or will be installed.  It is recommended more rigorous protections also be applied for vulnerable population such as children and the disabled.  Also see https://www.gaia.com/article/5g-health-risks-the-war-between-technology-and-human-beings?fbclid=IwAR29IUnmpd_zziPRE7G72S9wlpU9271FlkSspfxI9x6iRH5NPbSPWUN4qGU

     It is possible that 5G acts to weaken the population exposed to increased RF’s and thus makes them more vulnerable to Covid 19 and other pathology.  It is also possible doctors are having a hard time discerning diagnosis because the effects of 5G vary per person and mirror many of the systems found in Corona patients.


     The notion that people could not be so cruel as to invent and intentional release Covid 19 is proven false by earlier experience (https://thewaronliberty.com/henry-kissingers-plan-for-food-control-population-reduction-is-introduced/) wherein the U.S has engaged in population control, and illegal human research including sterilization programs for decades in many countries globally.  In the case of Covid 19 the intelligence community found China’s Government responsible (https://nypost.com/2020/05/02/intelligence-report-says-china-lied-about-origin-of-coronavirus/ ).  However, intelligence agents have previously been incorrect (Garry Webb) and without seeing the forensic evidence, it would be premature to exclude natural occurrence or other cover-ups.

     In even more graphic articles that have since been censored in the U.S., Wuhan China based virologist Shi Zhengli, was more specifically accused to have been working for years to develop biological weapons for the Communist Party and was allegedly part of the cover up concerning the event that took place in a lab located near the wild game market first reported as the epicenter of the Virus.  The new article in mainstream media shifted perspective to make it appear like a possible accidental leak could have occurred, but to date there has been no admissions.  What is curious still concerns who was behind funding the research done by Shi Zhengli.  Also see https://www.newsweek.com/controversial-wuhan-lab-experiments-that-may-have-started-coronavirus-pandemic-1500503?amp=1&fbclid=IwAR0qtGY5kO76kXGmFjFT6nEPBXhC99itLbRqkKaP8mITql7Pg1KKXk2d6Do



Mask Controversy (Fact versus fiction)

     Standing in line six feet part does little to protect you as you step forward into another persons field.  The notion that masks that are not sealed will prevent germs for entering is also more fiction than fact.  In some instances however, masks may prevent offspray from entering persons.  At best, masks slow infection rates and help us respond better if using hospitals and perhaps slows the need for the hospital staff so they can better manage, but this does nothing to treat, or prevent the inevitable spread when you have so many on the planet and the reintroduction is happening on constant basis. 

     It is not a matter of if you will become infected, but more than likely when.  This is why you do not want to put so much fear and stock into COVID 19 because discrimination against being sick may occur, and economic fallout, which could be more detrimental than a bout of flu that 99.75- 99.3% survive.

     The best policy regarding masks would be to require the ill to wear them so the well could at least have a chance to spot and avoid them with greater than six feet, but again the phenomenon of discrimination could result.  It is unclear if this should even be under discussion for a flu that has a death rate as low as Corona Virus. 


     Early experience with baby bubbles (1950’s) rendered horrific results because the babies were not exposed to germs.  In fact, the process of being exposed and getting sick and recovering is regarded by health experts to be the best defense in most instances for most of us for building a strong immune system.  There are some exceptions, such as those with compromised health status and specific diseases where extra precautions and much more intensive containment processes are needed.


Treatment Response Strategy

     Covid gives rise for the need for greater preparedness in the future.  Instead of having an overwhelmed hospital situation perhaps in home care service where outcomes are generally higher should be the replacement model- to deliver medical care where the person resides when possible as a general model to shift towards.  Similarly all jobs that can be conducted from home could be to reduce exposure rates by reducing gatherings and scenarios where people are sharing recycled air in HVAC systems.   We all know airplanes and movie theatres are hot spots of infection so the designs ultimately need to be refined where gathering can’t be avoided.  


Other sources to consider