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Principles of Equality




A Proposal for Global Revolution


     This project resulted from a call to respond to Earth Charter (1998).  This framework offers actions to improve life.  You are invited to participate in building healthier societies where equality may deliver peace, freedom and other liberties for our mutual enjoyment! 

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“Peace can be created by harmonious and balanced relations, which inherently depends upon mutual respect, appreciation, and unconditional care.”  John McConnell 

1.      The earth is alive and sustains life with the aid of universal interactions.

2.      Intelligence is in diversity. Many life forms, including humans, are in need of being protected.

3.      Nonviolent practices are modifying industrial/ technological industries, improving         systems designs, and spreading lifestyles that enhance and promote wellbeing, but the rate of destructive human behavior requires constant vigilance.

4.      Prevention and responses for adverse causal relations requires reliable and impartial evidence based monitoring and solid fair response mechanisms to prevent, avoid or contain threats.  

5.      There are observable processes by which the biosphere sustains life and people have acquires the ability; and have destroyed, intervened, altered, manipulated, exploited, contradicted or interfered in such processes for better and for worse.

6.      The misuse of power and resources threatens the fabric of life and the foundations of local and global security. Corruption is at the root of many failed societies.

7.      Poverty, violence and suffering can be reduced with education, conflict resolution strategies, compassion and fair distribution systems.

8.      Much suffering can be reduced or prevented depending on the choices and conduct of people individually and collectively.

9.    Peace requires an inclusive ethical vision and cooperation.

10.  People play a vital role in the protection of the earth. Stewardship and mentorship is critical to sustainable development. Foster caring values, respect, diversity, equality and freedom in educational and moral systems is essential.  Traditional and ethical reforms with assistance from spiritual or faith based communities is welcomed, but that assistance should not contain dogmatic traditions or beliefs that repeat past mistakes that were culturally insensitive and damaging.


11.  Peace increases as the understanding and practice of nonviolence in ideas and actions increases. Protecting, restoring, and preserving the integrity of the planets ecosystem is a critical priority.  Long-term planning is considered in our projections for the future. Success is indicated by health, education, and other important measurable qualities of life.

12.  Everyone has a duty to advance the goals of harmony, create the context of sustainability, and to contribute to the creation of world peace without prejudice or unfair discrimination. We evaluate our actions and choices based on their impacts.  We make a conscious effort where possible to cause the least harm. 

Global Peace Articles

We the people of the world, commit ourselves to actions inclusive of the following principles:

Article 1 – Environmental Harmony

We shall maintain equilibriums by promoting and adopting modes of consumption, production and reproduction which respects and safeguards human rights and the regenerative capacity of the earth’s ecosystem.

A.      Reduce waste through efficiency and the reduction of excessive luxuries to meet basic needs. Redirect behaviors to safer, healthier and more beneficial activities based on more objective evidences. 

Article 2- Equal Taxation

Share equitably the benefits of natural resources use without discrimination between cultures, race, gender, age, and disability, or past, present or future prejudices.

A.      Share resources and institute equal and fairer flat-taxation that caps wealth and allows objectors of war to redirect tax contributions into other programs.

Article 3- Anti Corruption

Promote sustainable development by harmonizing economic goals and the means of attaining them with fundamental ecological, ethical and social values.

  1. Convert related drugs, arms, and polluting industry jobs into safer and healthier employment opportunities.
  2. Create mechanisms (policies and procedures) to promote viable decision making in all sectors of society.
  3. Encourage local, nation, and international sustainability agendas and strategies.
  4. Establish market prices and economic indicators that reflect the full environmental and social costs of the products or activities.
  5. Implement more accurate environmental impact assessments
  6. Create and respect more rigorous/ practical environmental protection standards that are not easily demolished from one administration to the next.
  7. Monitor changes in the environmental quality and make finding more available through mass media.  Identify the responsible sources of potential abuse or violations and propose practical solutions and institute mandatory reporting along with whistleblower protections. 

Article 4 Anti- Waste

Reduce and eliminate waste and the use of hazardous substances/elements/materials defined as toxins.

A.      Redesign the life cycle of products: reduce the resources used, reuse, and recycle.

B.     Rehabilitation- The introduction of wastes and hazardous substances/elements/materials defined as toxins into the environment requires critical evaluation due to historical irregularities and insufficient regulation and enforcement.  A universal definition for toxins and much greater enforcement, biohazard prevention/ response actions, and drastically improved international controls over toxins are urgently needed.   Stiffer penalties and methods to deter the use of toxins that reduce crimes related to the production of toxins are needed along with international agreements concerning enforcement and the right of criminal trials for the offending person, community, or nation.     

C.     The definition of Toxin shall include all natural and synthetic chemicals known or reasonably suspected to cause harm either alone or in combination with other elements or substances (Mutation Theory).

D. Eliminate weapons of mass destruction, promote disarmament and secure the environment against irreversible damage caused or likely to be caused by human activities.

E. Advance and put into use scientific and other types of knowledge and technologies that promote sustainable living and protections for the environment.

F. Use Clean energy conversion- solar, wind, hydra, and biomass renewable clean power sources.  

G. Eliminate dependencies on polluting industries and non-renewable resources.

H. Prevent the transfer of hazardous materials from one country to another.


Article 5 – Greater Transparency and War and all budget related Reporting

Secrecy and hidden budgets for war proves democracy is under attack. Transparency will provide better checks and balances for the use of power and limit or protect against its abuse. Congressional reviews and putting an end to hidden budget practices in legislation will improve all budget actions and permit greater due process.

Ensure accountability and effectiveness in governance in all sectors of society.

A.      Develop communication systems that are less monopolized.

B.     Decentralize power and install mechanisms that promote more equal forms of democracy. Demolish fundraising in politics.

Develop mechanisms to ensure that elected officials and others take reasonable measures to prevent, reduce, or respond to the concerns for safety and welfare generally.   Hold each other accountable by eliminating all exemptions in the government and legal codes. No one should be above the law.    

Article 6- Reforming Justice

The US justice system began to deteriorate in the 1980’s. Consequently, key progressive legislation such as Civil right Act, Disability Act, Clean Air and Water Acts- all have been subject to worsening abuses and irregular enforcement.  Meanwhile incarceration has grown along with damning evidence that slavery (exploited labor in bondage) has spread abusing the penal system. 

Establish justice by defending without discrimination the rights of all people, to life, liberty and security of persons within an environment adequate for good health and wellbeing. 

A.      Evaluate current justice systems and propose improvements.

B.     Conserve the biodiversity of Earth’s lands, and waters.

C.     Preserve the genetic diversity within each species and the variety of ecosystems as well as the diversity of species.

D.     Establish systems of wild places and other protected areas in order to safeguard ecosystems, species, and the overall capacity of the Earth to sustain life.

E. Strengthen a world court to construct neutral systems of accountability for accused persons, corporations, international organizations, and governments and compel all nations to participate and not attempt to veto of undermine its authority. Build in anti-bias controls and transparency.

Article 7- Free HealthCare

Secure the right to health care and education including reproductive, nutrition, illness prevention, and alternative holistic healing methods. Since acidic diets contribute dramatically to disease, controls on such foods should be implemented.  Also, much of the sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented with education. 

End the insurance scams and inhumane treatment of people based on ability to pay.

Article 8 – Free Education K - PhD

With revised tax systems recommended above in place and the options of diverting funds from war to peace- education, vocational training, and healthcare can be paid for entirely. This will help combat the secret economic and intelligence warfare now underway with competitive economic systems and lower debts to foreign investors and empower locals to invest more locally keeping money within the U.S. and lowering external dependency.

Article 9- End Housing Crises

Making home owning more affordable and capping/ controlling rents is attainable by combining negotiated new building codes, new technology, tax program incentives and better correlating minimum wages to cost of living locally. Resetting ownership rules in the U.S. to simply realign eligibility criteria can also limit/control foreign investment. 

Lowering costs thru subsidized government work initiatives can help build the needed housing and assist in the transitional employment needed to the release of hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people that can be offered high paying jobs as part of their readjustment into society.

Article 10- Subsidized Work Programs

All able individuals that have not found work after searching and using free programs designed to assist people in finding work independently should be given subsidized work. Exemptions for the disabled and or persons caring for family members should qualify for assistance programs at comparable rates of assistance as would be provided in a subsidized work program.  FDR’s new Deal is a good example of how this can be structured only the jobs are constructive and aimed at repairing the infrastructure which is a cost already.  Savings from reductions in illness, reductions in incarceration, reductions in war budgets and increases in taxes will help pay for these programs.

We, pledge to attain our goals through self-sacrifice, deconstructing abusive behaviors and systems, and empowering one another to make constructive contributions to our world.  We do this together, accepting one another’s strengths and weaknesses because a supportive community is central to the peace we aspire to create. 

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