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Biographical Summary of Robert Jackson, Director

Equilibrium Institute of the Americas

Robert Jackson has spent two decades studying the environment, education, communications, psychology and law.  His commitment to social justice is reflected by his development of many community based programs including; Youth Unity Movement, Citizens for Peace and Equilibrium Institute of the Americas (EIA).  As an Artist and Director, Robert has created a range of products including fine art, educational books on social justice and environmental issues, psychology, and Workforce Development.  Robert has published music CD’s, and he has helped directed over 100 live public events.  Rob also supports Audubon Society, American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP,and Rafael House a shelter for homeless families.  Robert has been associated with a variety of faith-based organizations and Native Tribes from around the world and has members of his own agency from intelligence communities globally.  Programs directed by Robert have reached over 350,000 people and the rate of growth is expanding rapidly.  


Robert was the first man to serve the Women’s Building in San Francisco, California.  Mr. Jackson has studied at a long list of Institutions including Antioch College, New College, SF State, Colorado State and Ben Gurion University and holds a Bachelors of Arts with a concentration in Peace Studies, a Masters with concentrations in Psychology, Education, and Communications.  He also is a certified Paralegal.  His PhD studies included a concentration in Homeland Security, Public Policy in the school of Behavioral Sciences.  Robert’s academic work has been credited as influencing politicians, artists, business leaders and community members globally.  


Robert recently drafted a key piece of legislation (see Proposed Legislation link at www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org).  The assembly bill advocates for greater accountability, waste reduction and cost savings innovations in California’s State government and reinforces the Attorney General’s mandate.  Advancing the reduction and prevention of crime consequently increases peace to produce a greater quality of life for all Californians.  Public safety, education, health, and economy are interdependent.  The bill will enable critical peace making partnerships within California to prevent or reduce crime while simultaneously reinforcing or creating conditions favorable for optimal personal and industrial development.  In addition, the Ethics panel created by the bill will assist the State to maximize resources, prevent waste, and expand justice by using an innovative forum funded entirely by independent wealth donated to the State and managed by the Panel.  Jackson puts forth the bill citing it is a pilot for the institutionalization of a Department of Peace, which eventually will be implemented nationally after States catch on.  He says a Department of Peace positioned alongside the Department of war will serve in restoring the enforcement of existing protocols for determining when military actions are legally permissible, but also ensure that more progressive conflict resolution tactics are properly used to support the best possible foreign policies that achieve greater peace as a result.  He said, “when accountability is absent,  often, but not always, integrity is more vulnerable.”  Clearly, preventing corruption and error driven decision making wherever such problems occur can save lives. 


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