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     Principles of Equality: A Proposal to Unite in Common Goals






     This charter represents a family of cultures who have agreed to encourage life, liberty, and harmony by exploring human responsibilities and potentials. The principles below reflect some agreed upon principles and ideas from which we operate, and aspire to live accordingly. By adopting this charter as common law and integrating the ideas into daily practices, greater security will hopefully result.


Observations, Logical Assumptions and Proposed Community Values.


 “...Peace is the realization of wholeness and can be created by harmonious and balanced relations.”  Adapted from Article 11 B) Revised Earth Charter 8/11/98




1. There are observable processes by which the biosphere sustains life and people have acquired the ability; and have destroyed, intervened, altered, manipulated, exploited, contradicted or interfered in less efficient and often unproductive or avoidable ways. Thus, revisiting the allowed abuses and responses to abuses remains essential.




2. Poverty, unnecessary violence and suffering can be prevented or reduced with improved human behavior, education, conflict resolution, compassion and fairer distribution systems.




3. Constitutional amendments, declarations of rights, international laws, treaties and ethical value systems face ratification and greater enforcement needs that foster caring values.




4. We share a reverence for everything. All matter, living and non-living has intrinsic equal value.




5. Everyone has a duty to advance the goals of justice for all, create the context of sustainability, and to contribute to the creation of world peace. We value and encourage responsibilities or tasks that improve the quality of life or present us with opportunities to co-exist in peace.




6. Protecting, restoring, and preserving the integrity of the planets ecosystem is a critical priority.




7. Advocates of sustainability work to adapt industrial/technological industries and social designs, and lifestyles to enhance, promote, protect and preserve life and the systems upon which life depends.




International Security Council World Peace Articles


Article 1 The Efficiency Act


We shall maintain equilibrium’s by promoting and adopting modes of consumption, production, waste, and reproduction that respect and safeguard human rights and the regenerative capacities of the earth’s ecosystems.




A.) Reduce waste through efficiency and the reduction of excessive luxuries to meet basic needs. Redirect behaviors to safer, healthier and more beneficial activities based on scientific evidences. 




Article 2 Equal Tax Act


Share equitably the benefits of natural resources use without discrimination between cultures, races, genders, ages, or past, present, or future prejudices.




            A.) Share resources and institute equal and fair taxation.




Article 3. Social Sustainabilty Act


Promote sustainable development by harmonizing economic goals and the means of attaining them with fundamental ecological, ethical and social values.




A.)Convert drugs, arms, prostitution, and polluting industry jobs to safer and healthier employment opportunities.




B.)Education and training for; optimal decision making, maximization of individual human potentials, behavioral management including-conflict and anger.




Article 4. Environmental Accords and Preservation Act


Identify, reduce and eliminate waste and the use of hazardous substances.




A. Redesign the life cycle of products: reduce the resources used, reuse and recycle.




B. The introduction of wastes and chemical substances into the environment that exceeds and compromises the healthy assimilation capacity of ecological systems, is a crime. Offenders, hereby defined as all those who support, invest, or work for offenders, should be severely prosecuted and rehabilitated.




C. The definition of hazardous and toxic materials shall include all natural or synthetic chemicals known to cause harm. 




D. Advance and put to use scientific and other types of knowledge and technologies that promote sustainable living and protections for the environment.




1. Clean Energy Conversion- Implement solar, wind, hydra, and biomass renewable clean power sources. Eliminate dependencies on polluting industries and nonrenewable resources.




2. Conserve the biodiversity of Earth’s lands, oceans, and fresh waters.




3. Preserve the genetic diversity within each species and the variety of ecosystems as well as the diversity of species.       


4. Establish and better maintain systems of wild places and other protected areas in order to safeguard ecosystems, species, and the capacity of Earth to sustain life.




5. Soil, water, air, and food contamination should be halted. Laws should fairly punish those who contaminate the environment with just and sever sentences. I.e. Attempted murder, murder and conspiring to extinguish sound minds, bodies and other life forms. Manufacture, sale, distribution, of hazardous materials shall be prohibited and the definitions of hazardous materials shall be revised to include many commonly used substances found or discovered to cause harm.




6. Establish market prices and economic indicators that reflect the full environmental and social costs of the products of human activities.




8. Implement more accurate environmental impact assessments.




9. Create and respect more rigorous environmental protection standards.




10. Monitor changes in environmental quality and make findings available through mass media.  Identify the responsible sources and propose practical solutions.




E. Contain and dramatically reduce weapons of mass destruction, promote disarmament and secure the environment against irreversible or severe damage caused by human activities.




1. Prevent the transfer of hazardous materials from one community or nation to another.




F. Strengthen or support existing international or national law that works to prevent violence, or environmental harm.




Article 5 The Responsible Governing Act


Decentralize power by developing communications systems that are less monopolized and install mechanisms that promote equal and true democracy to ensure accountability and effectiveness in governance in all sectors of society-globally.




A.) Enable local communities to care for their own environments, and give to central authorities only those tasks that can not be performed effectively at more local levels.




B.) Construct systems of world public accountability for corporations, international organizations, and local, national and international governing agencies.




Article 6 Universal Healthcare


Secure adequate health care and education including reproductive, nutrition, AIDS prevention, and the availability of alternative holistic health methods.